The Platform

Kerberos' differentiated platform and investment team have received mainstream recognition. We offer investors commingled and custom solutions in opportunistic credit and specialty finance, allowing us to address and accommodate a broad range of investor requirements. Kerberos has extensive experience creating and managing differentiated bespoke portfolios for institutional investors globally. Our platform also includes a servicing business, in which we service credits originated by other lenders and funders. Combined with co-investment capital from our clients and dedicated joint venture partners, Kerberos is able to source and action a highly diversified quantum of investment opportunities.

We believe that above-average returns in ideal market conditions do not demonstrate a manager's worth; it takes superior performance in negative cycles to show true skill. The success of our strategies requires an unrelenting focus on protecting principal and protecting the downside, and we structure our transactions accordingly.

Our investment approach incorporates rigorous risk oversight at both enterprise and fund levels, utilizing a mix of bottom-up asset selection and top-down portfolio management. We enforce single-position risk limits and diversification to mitigate exposure, while durational targets are set to optimize opportunities. Critical to our strategy are detailed reviews of financials, credit, and counterparty risks, ensuring a balanced and secure investment environment for our clients.